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    Identifying the WSDL URL for HCM Domain on Cloud
    Topic posted November 24, 2017 by Infantraj47 Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited May 11, 2018 
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    Identifying the WSDL URL for HCM Domain on Cloud
    Identifying the WSDL URL for HCM Domain on Cloud

    Hi All,

    I have been doing the ICS integration for Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle JD Edwards Cloud using the Oracle adapters. I'm trying to create the connection for HCM Domain which is returning the error

    "CASDK-0005: A connector specific exception was raised by the application."

    If I'm creating the connection for URL :  the connection was successful but If I do the same with

    URL :  it's failing.

    Any idea how the "Service Name" was identified from the "Review Topology" section of cloud application?

    Ex :ServiceCatalogService


    Infant Raj A



    • Manoj Bagul


      For HCM cloud HCM Service Catalog URL would be of below form

      I assume you are using HCM cloud Adapter.

      I think first connection you created is correct. Try creating integration and see which events are available.



    • Infantraj47

      Thanks Manoj, So we need to pull the WSDL from Common Domain not from HCM Domain from the Review Topology page is that right? But if you see the business objects that are listed while doing the integration, I don't see any Payroll/GL related objects.

      The integration what we are doing is to move the Payroll and GL data from HCM to JDE.


      Infant Raj A

    • Ravi Sankaran

      have you specified the interface catalog URL?

      In addition to specifying service catalog WSDL URL, please do specify interface catalog URL for OSC, HCM as well as ERP Cloud Adapters for discovering REST resources


    • Infantraj47

      The " " is capable of pulling all the business events.


      Infant Raj