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    Berndt De Bruyn
    FCCS Task manager - Integration with EBS
    Topic posted October 17, 2019 by Berndt De Bruyn, tagged Task Manager 
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    FCCS Task manager - Integration with EBS
    Options for integrating FCCS task manager with on-premise EBS

    We are in the process of implementing FCCS task manager for a large client.

    In terms of integrating Task manager with Applications there are 2 options:

    1. End user (a users navigates from Task manager to the correct screen in the ERP application, performs the task, and comes back to FCCS and manually updates the task to complete)

    2. Even Monitoring (where an event that occurs, e.g. Accounting period is closed, is monitored and automatically updated in FCCS when it occurs)

    We managed to get type 1 to work with EBS R12

    In terms of  type 2- even monitoring the following 2 questions:

    - does event monitoring only work with cloud ERP, or is this possible with one premise EBS?

    - documentation states that a subscription to Oracle Integration Cloud Service(OIC) is needed to make event monitoring to work. The client uses on-premise ODI and is not interested in OIC at this stage. If monitoring is possible for EBS, would one be able to use on-premise ODI instead of OIC?

    Please let me know if anybody has had experience with this   




    • Tom LeFebvre

      Yes, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is required to perform Automation or Event Monitoring tasks for Non-EPM cloud applications including on-premise EBS.  Yes, there is an additional subscription cost for OIC but it is not expensive and does enable the customer to use the pre-built integrations for EBS events.

      It is possible to write fully custom integrations which leverage a different integration component (like Oracle SOA suite) but it would be a completely custom implementation and would require extensive understanding of the communication between the EPM cloud, the integration component and EBS. 

      I would strongly recommend positioning OIC with your customer.

    • Berndt De Bruyn
      Thanx Tom
      Much appreciated - will try to get client to go the OIC route