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    Mohamed Abdelwahab
    How to view the PR's for other requester
    Topic posted June 28, 2018 by Mohamed AbdelwahabBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Requisition Processing, Security, Setup 
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    How to view the PR's for other requester
    How to view the PR's for other requester


    i can see the PR's for another requester if the status is approved ,is it possible to see purchase requisitions for other requester with different another status(incomplete,....)




    • MANISH S

      Hi Mohamed,

      Hope you are referring to 'Manage Requisitions' page in the Purchase Requisitions task. Can you please confirm?


    • Gopalakrishna Bulasala



      Try by adding below privilege to the role (either  to Advanced procurement requestor role or new custom role).


      POR_VIEW_REQUISITION_ALL_PRIV : View Requisition - All

    • Sunny Todkari

      Please follow metalink note: Advanced Procurement Requester Role Unable To View Other Users Requisition (Doc ID 1488143.1)

      The role that would allow an employee to view requisitions created by other employees is Requisition Viewing as Administrator Duty.

      It is not inherited out of the box by Advanced Procurement Requester and without this duty, the user cannot view requisitions created by others.

      In Rel 12 this is replaced by the privilege 'View Requisition All' is required to view all requisitions:

      1. Navigator > Tools > Security Console

      2. Create custom duty role and assign below-mentioned privileges based on requirement.

      POR_VIEW_REQUISITION_ALL_PRIV : View Requisition - All

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Thanks for the notes. Very usefull!!