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    Raghavendra Manchigiah
    Load into Fusion applications
    Topic posted July 15, 2019 by Raghavendra ManchigiahBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Cloud, DIPC, ODI 
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    Load into Fusion applications
    Using ODI to load data in Fusion

    With reference to a previous post - would like to clarify if ODI / DIPC can be used to create files in FBDI / HDL etc...compliant format , placed in a UCM location and trigger an ESS job

    Above post refers to such a use case - However all the research that we have done points to the fact that target web service execution is not supported in DIPC

    What is the solution then? use ODI - on Prem? Is ODI - CS still offered as a service or is the same product now called DIPC ? Please help clear the ambiguity.





    • Julien Testut

      Hi Raghvendra,

      This is not supported in DIPC, you would need full ODI access using either ODICS, ODI on-prem or the recently released ODI on OCI Marketplace. I'd recommend getting in touch with your Oracle team to assess what option is the best for your use case.