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    Al Marciante
    EPM – Tax Reporting Cloud Service Update: NOL & Credit A...
    Topic posted May 20, 2019 by Al MarcianteBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Analytics, Consolidation 
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    EPM – Tax Reporting Cloud Service Update: NOL & Credit Automation, 5 June 2019, 9 a.m. PT - Submit Questions

    Submit your questions for the EPM – Tax Reporting Cloud Service Update: NOL & Credit automation session to have them answered during the live event. Post your questions by posting a new comment to this topic.

    Please submit your questions by Tuesday, 4 June 2019.



    • Julien Coudrette

      Here are the questions I have at this point (more to come during the event I am sure):

      How does the NOL and credit automation support 382 limitations and New BIG? In particular if the acquired entity has NOLs or credits from previous acquisitions (which will be subject to both limitations).

      How does this feature support the concept of group relief?

      Will this be available for regional provisions?

      How can NOLs and credits utilizations be ordered?

    • Liz Leerson

      Hi Team

      Given the timing of this event it is likely that I won't be able to participate and will rely on the recording (the scheduled start time is 2am for me). Areas that I would like to see covered include:

      - sequence of utilisation - how to manage which losses (by tax year) or credits are applied first

      - complexity of limitations - for example limitation on foreign tax credits or 382 limitations

      - group relief or similar, in a tax group where some entities would hold losses or credits which may be applied to income in other entities

      - approach to booking tax losses as a DTA in the current year, can this be automatically transferred to a head entity in a consolidated tax group and how best to manage appropriate review as a DTA would need to meet recognition criteria