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    Self Service Procurement Privileges not assigned out of the...
    Topic posted September 19, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, FAQ, Requisition Mobile, Requisition Processing, Tip 
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    Self Service Procurement Privileges not assigned out of the box to Roles
    Self Service Procurement Privileges not assigned out of the box to Roles

    Hi all

    You asked and we heard you. There was a response to my query on this forum asking what sort of topics you would like to see articles written. One of the suggested topics was to see a list of all privileges that were defined for Fusion Self Service Procurement but not assigned to any roles out of the box and a brief description of their function.

    Here you go:

    Privilege Title

    Privilege Technical Name

    Privilege Description


    Create Requisition via Mobile App


    Allows a user to create a requisition using the Mobile App.

    You need this privilege to enable access for a user to create a requisition using the Fusion Self Service Procurement Mobile Application.

    Edit Requisition as Approver


    Allows users to modify requisitions as approvers.

    Use this privilege if you wish to allow approvers the ability to edit a requisition during the approval process. A link entitled ‘Edit Requisition’ will be enabled with this privilege on the approval notification.

    Reassign Requisition


    Allows users to reassign requisitions entered by others.

    Without this privilege you can only reassign requisitions that you created.

    View Requisition - All


    Allows users to view all requisitions in the authorized business units.

    Use this privilege to assign to those users who need access to view requisitions created by any requester or preparer. The feature is based on the business units to which the user currently has access.

    Edit Approval Rules in Oracle BPM Worklist


    Allows users to edit approval rules in Oracle Business Process Management Worklist Application after using the Oracle Procurement Manage Approvals to edit rules.


    Cancel Requisition Line in Spreadsheet


    Enable self-service users to submit cancellation of requisition lines in bulk using a spreadsheet.

    With this privilege, a task entitled ‘Cancel Requisition Line in Spreadsheet’ will be available in the Shopping home page under the More Tasks menu.

    At this point, I would also like to remind you of the manual that lists all privileges and roles across Procurement. Here is a link to the latest security manual for additional reference.

    Do let us know through your feedback on whether you found this useful!



    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Hi Ashok,

      Thanks a lot of posting this. Very much helpfull!!



      • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

        Few more additions on the privileges

        1. Receive self service requisitions in My Receipts for the PR's created by other requestors

        Privilege - Create Self service All Requisition Receiving Receipt RCV_CREATE_SELF_SERVICE_ALL_REQUISITION_RECEIVING_RECEIPT_PRIV

        This privilege allows to Receive PO's where destination type is Expense and the Receiver is not the Requester or the Requester is missing in the PO Line. 

        Refer note: Receiving PO's Where Destination Type Is 'Expense' Not Visible For A Central Receiver (Doc ID 2331735.1)

        2. Create change order to add lines in the requisitions by the requestor

        Add the below Priveleges

        a.      Change Purchase Order Consolidated as procurement Requestor
        b.      Create Purchase Order as Procurement Requester
        c.      Create Purchase Order Line as Procurement Requester
        Refer Note: Requestor Is Unable To Add A Requisition Line For Requisition Converted Into Purchase Order (Doc ID 2241555.1)




        • Ashok


          Just to clarify for the other readers, these are assigned out of the box to Procurement Preparer roles. The article was specifically addressing the question of those privileges that were not assigned to any roles out of the box.

          Thanks for your inputs and feedback as always.

    • MANISH S

      Hi Ashok,

      Thanks for the post. I have tried to use the privilege POR_EDIT_APPROVAL_RULES_IN_BPM_WORKLIST (in Release 13) but couldn't find it. Could you please clarify whether it is active for new releases or is it with any different name?



    • Ashok


      This was a privilege that was recently introduced as part of Update 18B. So yes, this would not be available in releases prior. Your question just gave me an idea. I could add the Release in which these privileges were introduced. I will update my post.

    • Sunny Todkari

      Thanks Ashok for posting this.

    • Aditya Singh

      Thank you for posting such a good article , many of us have used many of these roles although accumulating them into a single place with description is great.

      thank you


    • Ashok

      My pleasure. I posted a different post asking for other articles that customers are interested in. Feel free to provide thoughts there too.

    • Joshua Vincent

      Thank you, this was a very valuable article.

    • Ashok

      You are very welcome. Please review the other articles that are posted as well. Any feedback / inputs are welcome.