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    Arijit Pramanik
    PO Print PDF by business unit
    Topic posted January 7, 2019 by Arijit PramanikSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, Notifications, Supplier Communication 
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    PO Print PDF by business unit
    PO Print PDF by business unit
    Can we setup separate PO Print PDF by business unit? If so, is there a setup to achieve this



    • Nishanth B Jain

      You need to handle this in PO PDF rtf template. No specific setup required.

    • Niamath Jeddy


      Yes this is possible. 

      In the 'Configure Procurement Business Function' task for specific BU, go to the 'document types' tab. Here, select the 'Purchase Order' row. In below section you can select the layout to be used.

      If you have created a custom PO Print layout(refer below support note), then that layout will be available in the drop down for you to select.

      Please refer attached snapshot.

      Details on how to customize a standard BIP report are available in this support note:

      How Should We Create New BI Publisher Reports or Customize Existing Seeded BI Publisher Reports? (Doc ID 1926322.1)



      po-print.jpg (108KB)