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    Luiz Mendes
    Purchase Requisition PDF Report
    Topic posted July 23, 2018 by Luiz MendesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence - BI, Create Requisition, How-To, Requisition Processing 
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    Purchase Requisition PDF Report
    Customise seeded Requisition PDF template

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have ever customised the seeded Purchase Requisition PDF Template (not PO, not approval)?

    I'm trying to figure it out how does it work without a data model, but if any of you have done it and can share where is the data model I would appreciate that.

    If customised, should be under Shared>Custom>Procurement>Self Service Procurement>Purchase Requisition PDF Report

    Regards, Luiz



    • Ashok

      It would be good to hear others' views here.

    • Luiz Mendes

      Apparently Support can gather the XML and we can then customise, as per Doc ID 1525263.1

    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      That is a good question. I only ever customized the logo of the client on there because they're not really using the Requisition PDF report but wanted it to look familiar in any case someone opens it.

      I do not understand why Oracle would find a different way of customizing this specific report than any other report in the system.

      Going through Oracle (SR - Logs - get Feedback -...) sounds like an incredibly elaborate process to do a small adjustment.


    • Ashok


      There is a data model available. Could you perhaps explain what you perceive as a limitation here? I would like to understand this a bit more in detail.

    • Siva Kumar


      We got the below response from Oracle.

      The data model for the Purchase Order PDF or Requisition PDF lies in the middletier and cannot be accessed. 
      To get the XML that is generated by the data model and passed to BIP to generate PDF, do the following:( Doc ID 1525263.1 ) 

      How To Customize PO PDF To Add Company Logo? ( Doc ID 2342534.1 ) 

      Setup To Select Custom Template For Requisition PDF ( Doc ID 1610663.1 )