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    Sam Crawford
    Invoice via OBN and CMK - "Service Provider Not...
    Topic posted October 16, 2019 by Sam CrawfordRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Invoice via OBN and CMK - "Service Provider Not Found"
    Invoice failing in CMK, "Service Provider Not Found"

    We are having an issue when receiving invoices via the Oracle Business Network and CMK.

    We are able to punch out to the catalog, create and send the Purchase Order via Oracle Business Network without any issue.

    However, when the Invoice is returned, it is successfully caught by B2B and transmitted to CMK.  It fails in CMK with the error code, "Service Provider Not Found."  I can't seem to find any support requests referencing this, so I imagine I'm just doing something stupid.  

    Has anyone seen this before?



    • Sriram Ramanujam

      Based on the information provided, this seems to be best addressed through the Service Request Process.  

      We recommend you submit a Service Request (SR) via My Oracle Support (MOS) for assistance.  Go to MyOracleSupport to reach a support analyst.