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    Sathyaseelan Chandran
    AP Check Print only one page output
    Topic posted August 29, 2019 by Sathyaseelan ChandranRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Payables, Reports 
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    AP Check Print only one page output
    AP Check Print only one page output


    We have a requirement to print the AP check print output for one page only. No overflow pages should be printed in the subsequent pages.

    Ex: If a check having 45 invoices mapped to the payment and as per the layout design we need to print 10 lines per page. In Normal scenario, the check will be printed in 5 pages. This will leads to 4 void checks will be utilized in Pre Printed Stationary. To avoid the Check Stock wastage, we need to print only one page of check in the check stock. One another custom report will print all the invoice details.

    Using the XDO function i have set the lines per page as 10. But i am not able to control the layout to print only first 10 lines of output. All the invoice details are printing in the subsequent pages.

    Please help us to resolve the issue.





    • Becky Alvarez

      Have you considered setting up a Separate Remittance Advice to be generated for the payments in the payment process profile or the supplier so that you don't run into this issue?

      • Sathyaseelan Chandran

        Hi Becky,

        Thanks for your comments. We have used all the documents related to Payment (Remittance Advice, Positive Pay, ACH & Check Print). I am not able to relate the Remittance Advice with the Check Print issue.

        Could you please provide more clarity on the same.



    • Becky Alvarez

      OK so on the Payment Process Profile you set up that has the template you are using, your grouping rules, etc.  On the Payments Tab, under the Document Limits section what do you have set for maximum documents per payment?  The only way to stop the overrun is to put 5 as your limit.  Using your example above, if you are paying 45 invoices you may print 9 checks for the supplier but you won't have the overrun and voids to contend with and the supplier gets the neat check with the invoices listed on the stub.

      That is all I can offer you for check printing.

      Just in case you need it here are the instructions to set that limit:

      Setting Up a Payment Process Profile

      A payment process profile is a setup that contains all the necessary details to manage the payment process. To print checks, you must create a payment process profile with a Processing Type of Printed.

      To create a payment process profile for printing checks, complete these steps:

      1. Sign in as a setup user.

      2. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, go to the following:

        • Offering: Financials

        • Functional Area: Payments

        • Task: Manage Payment Process Profiles

      3. On the Manage Payment Process Profile page in the Search results section, search for your Payment Process Profile you are using for your checks.

      4. Click Search.

      5. Select the Payment tab.

      6. In the Document Limits section, in the Maximum Documents per Payment field, enter 5.

      • Samantha Rawson



        We want one check to be printed but the invoices need to overflow (with a blank or void check on the overflow pages).  We have tried to set this up using the void by overflow guidance but we get first page with a check with written and numerical values different and then several pages later 9with other supplier checks in between) we get the rest of the invoices and numeric value on check (but no written value)  This is completely unusable.  We do not want multiple checks for same vendor but we need to have the data grouped together and the check showing the correct written and numeric values.  How do we achieve this?



        • Becky Alvarez

          Ok so what you are saying now is that it is printing the check for Vendor A and some of their invoices numbers on the stub, printing some suppliers checks then all the sudden printing more invoice numbers from supplier A on the check and check stub if I am understanding you correctly.  You have not mentioned this prior to today so not sure if this was happening originally or after you applied the grouping rule I mentioned in my last post.  Either way that is not the correct behavior of the check printing system and unless someone else has something to offer, my recommendation is to log a Service Request with support and get them to work with you as I am at a loss as to why it would the system would be behaving that way.