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    Update 19B: How to override agreement price on a Requisition
    Topic posted April 21, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 12, 2019, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Requisition Import, Requisition Web Services 
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    Update 19B: How to override agreement price on a Requisition
    How do you override the price from an agreement on a Purchase Requisition

    Customers / Support

    I thought this article would serve two purposes:

    a) Quick primer on functionality that exists in this regard prior to Update 19B

    b) Feature as introduced in Update 19B.

    Business Problem:

    Customers have provided us business use cases where a standard agreement captures the price for a product or service at the outset of a negotiation but later,  these prices may be re-negotiated by specific requesters. You could look at this problem in two dimensions:

    a) Quantity based products or services

    b) Amount based products or services


    As I assume many of you are aware, Fusion Self Service Procurement already allows requesters the ability to update the price in cases of an amount based requisition. In Update 19B, this functionality has been extended to include quantity based requisitions as well.

    Here is a solution summary:

    A. What is supported:

    Requesters can modify the price on a requisition for both quantity and amount based lines.

    B. Pre-requisites:

    To avail of the feature introduced in Update 19B, we have introduced an Opt-in entitled: Override Agreement Price on Requisitions.  

    C. Who can update price:

    Any requester with the job role: Procurement Requester can edit the price on a requisition provided the agreement allows it.

    D. What flows are supported for these features:

    You can update the price through the following flows:

    1. Shopping flows through the UI

    2. Enter Requisition Line flow through the UI

    3. Using the FBDI template to import requisitions

    4. Using the Purchase Request Web Service to create a requisition

    5. Approver editing a requisition during the approval process

    NOTE: The Purchase Requisition REST service does not support this feature at this time.

    E. How does this feature work?

    Once opted in, you can create an agreement (a blanket purchase agreement using Fusion Purchasing). You must ensure that the attribute Allow price override must be enabled for the agreement line that you create. Additionally, you can set a value for the attribute Price Limit. The value you set here is the maximum value up to which the requester may edit the price on the requisition line.

    Once this configuration is complete, the next time a requester shops for the item or service, the system will enable the Price attribute for edit (See Screenshot 1 below). This screenshot describes how price is edited in a regular UI flow. 

    If you wish to enable this feature when using an FBDI template or the Purchase Request Web Service payload, you must provide a valid BPA reference in the template or the payload. If you don't and the system auto-sources an agreement, then the agreement price will prevail. This is important to remember.

    F. Additional considerations:

    1. The system will display an error message if you enter a price that is over the Price Limit value set in the agreement

    2. You cannot enter Null or Blank as the price on the requisition line but you can enter 0

    3. If the agreement is in a different currency than the functional currency, remember the price is updateable in that currency. So if the agreement is in EUR and the functional currency is USD, the requester changes the EUR price. This is current behavior but worth remembering.

    4. The Opt-in for this feature expires in Update 19D. This means that the feature is automatically turned on and available to all requesters after the expiration.

    Let us know if this article is helpful and if you have any questions or clarifications.




    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Thanks Ashok!!

    • Sunil

      Hi All,

      At BPA line level, there is an 'Allow Price Override' checkbox. If this is checked user will be able to update the price while creating a Purchase Requisition from a Catalog.

      Thank you,




    • Ashok


      Can you clarify the comment? The entire article is about the attribute on the agreement. I am not sure I follow your last observation.

      • Sunil

        Hi Ashok,

        Agenda is to override the agreement price on a requisition.

        On the Blanket Purchase Agreement Line, we've got the 'Allow Price Override' checkbox. When that agreement is used on the Req system will allow Preparer/Requester to update the Price on this Req while creation.

        Let me know if you'll need any further elaboration?

        Thank you,



    • Ashok

      The entire article speaks to that functionality. Are you saying that the article needs rephrasing anywhere or are you reinforcing the idea that the article is conveying? I ask because I am trying to understand the purpose of the comment. I know that there is an attribute and it works the way you mentioned. I wrote the article with that idea and principle in mind. So I am just making sure I am not missing anything from your comment.


      The same functionality does not work for shopping cart requisitions.



    • Ashok


      I am not sure I understand your comment. If you review my article, we refer to shopping flows being included in the feature. Did you intend to convey a limitation to make others aware? If so, could you clarify your statement a bit more?