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    Jon Kelly
    Inactivate Supplier Automatically
    Topic posted March 25, 2019 by Jon KellySilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management 
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    Inactivate Supplier Automatically

    We had a scheduled process in previous system where we could specify a date, and the system would mark supplier inactive if there was no activity since that date. Is there functionality in cloud to automatically inactivate suppliers that haven't been used in a set amount of time? Thanks for your help!




    • Hong Gao

      Depending on the activity used to determine if a supplier is active or not, you can probably leverage OTBI reporting to create ad-hoc report to obtain the information.  Once you have a list of those suppliers, you can export the report data into spreadsheet and use FBDI supplier import process to mass update inactive date on those suppliers.



    • Sanket Salve

      Hi Hong,

      We have a similar issue where supplier sites got inactivated.

      We tried importing the same sites keeping inactive date blank, still unable to activate the site.

      Any other solution?


      Sanket S