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    Nathaniel Vadde
    How to Integrate two instances on Oracle Cloud
    Topic posted September 5, 2019 by Nathaniel Vadde, tagged Tip 
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    How to Integrate two instances on Oracle Cloud
    How to Integrate two instances on Oracle Cloud

    We have two instances on Oracle Cloud, on one instance we have linux and Oracle database installed on it, and on the other instance we installed Windows Server. We are not able to communicating between linux instance and windows server instance in Oracle Cloud. We are successfully communicating between On-Premise Oracle database using RMI with other application installed on Windows Server. But the same thing is not happening on Oracle Cloud.

    Both Linux Instance and Windows Server instance are in the same region and same Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). The public IP and Private IP's of these two instances are different.
    We have defined ingress rules with source IP and destination port. 



    • Julien Testut


      Are you using Data Integration Platform Cloud in this environment? Are you referring to a communication issue between two Agents?


    • Frank Cruz

      In what versions are your services?
      I have a similar problem communicating ODI agents in the cloud with an external base.