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    Harshal Agrawal
    Report in Different Language
    Topic posted November 1, 2018 by Harshal AgrawalRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, Business Intelligence, Configure to Order-CTO, Order Management, OTBI, Pricing 
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    Report in Different Language
    Reports in different language

    Hi All,

    I am having one requirement in which I need to display the report in different language as per the customer site.
    for eg : If customer is from Sweden then I want to generate the report in Swedish language.
    Likewise I need to generate the report in 7 different languages as per the customer country.
    How can I achieve this functionality, can any one please guide me on this ?


    Release R13b



    • Phanindra Gollapalli

      Hi Harshal,

      for Purchase order communication, please review the following document.

      How To Translate the PO PDF Communicated to Suppliers (Doc ID 1932489.1)

      The e-mail communication to the Supplier will happen in the language defaulted from the following sources in the following order:

      1. Supplier Site
      2. Procurement Configuration for the Procurement BU
      3. Base language of the application instance

      There are 2 components in the pdf that gets translated to the language specified.
      1. Labels in the RTF Template
      2. Purchase Order Data

      Section 14.3 of has to be followed for the labels in the RTF Template to be translated.
      For the Purchase Order Data to be in the specified language, the instance should have had that as an installed language, so there will be data available in the database tables.
      if not, it will post a warning message saying "The language you have selected is not an installed language. No translation is available for the attribute values in this language. " and continues to send the pdf in the default installed language.

      • Harshal Agrawal

        Hi Phanindra,

        Thanks for the reply, it seems that its for the supplier language, can you please suggest me on the customer language and used for the sales order report language change ?


        • Phanindra Gollapalli

          My comment , as you mentioned, was specific to PO and Supplier. you might want to wait until someone from OM team  comment on the customer language.