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    Ryan Waller
    Expenditure Type on Bill Rate Schedule
    Topic posted March 14, 2018 by Ryan WallerSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Project Management 
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    Expenditure Type on Bill Rate Schedule
    We have contracts where the bill rate schedule is different between regular labor hours and overtime labor hours

    We have contracts where the bill rate schedule is different between regular labor hours and other labor type of hours (i.e. over time, double time, etc).

    As of the current release the expenditure type (i.e. OverTime) is not included in the bill rate schedule table, therefore we are in need of creating secondary bill rate tables for the additional expenditure types and then building a Platform as a Service application that will call specific APIs to override the regular time bill rate and utilize the other expenditure type bill rate when needed.  In R12 this is not a problem and we are able to distinguish different expenditure types see attached document for screen shots.

    We would like to not have to build and maintain this extra program in the PaaS environment and instead we would request that Oracle development add the expenditure type field to the bill rate schedule so that you could administer more than one expenditure type.  Then allow for the following scenario to be part of the standard product offering.

    An employee makes $10 an hour.  Their markup is 20% (or 1.2) so it’s $12/hr.  however… If the employee works overtime they will make $15/hr (1.5 * 10).  In this case the client will not pay a mark up of 20% of $3.  They will only pay the same $2 so the markup is only  13.38%  (or 1.1338)  so 15*1.1338 = 17.007.



    • Perry Unrau

      We are currently working on an enhancement to the bill rate overrides to add expenditure type, specifically to address the need for separate bill rates by expenditure type.  This enhancement should be delivered within the next 12 months.


      Oracle Project Billing Product Manager

      • Ryan Waller

        Perry, this is great news. We are currently developing a PaaS solution to meet this requirement for a Jan 2019 go live. Would there be any chance that we might be able to at the very least be in lockstep with the future design so it’s a simple replacement when the new functionality is delivered or at best be able to validate and use the new functionality by Jan ‘19?  Thanks for the post.


    • Perry Unrau

      Hi Ryan.  Thanks for your response.  The feature's design is not yet ready for sharing with customers, but we should have something more detailed we could share in a couple of months.  In the meantime, we can provide the following key elements:

      1. We are adding a new tab to the Edit Bill Plan UI to contain the bill rate overrides.
      2. These new bill rate overrides will be stored in a separate table and will take precedence over any other existing bill rate overrides.
      3. Users can specify these new bill rate overrides by contract line, project, task, and expenditure type, within the bill plan.
      4. Users can specify bill rates, but not markups or labor multipliers, for these new bill rate overrides.

      If you are interested in receiving more details, please let me know.  Unfortunately, it looks like our target delivery timing and your go-live date overlaps, such that you won't receive the enhancement in time to test and go-live in January, 2019.