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    Joe Steinbrenner
    HsSetValue to submit Forecast
    Topic posted June 8, 2018 by Joe SteinbrennerSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Financial Planning 
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    HsSetValue to submit Forecast
    Looking for VBA script to call Business rule script (Agg Script)

    We are thinking about using the HsSetValue function to submit our forecast in excel. After pressing "Submit Data" we want to trigger an Agg script via a VBA button. 

    • Can anybody provide me with a VBA sample script?
    • What is your experience with using HsSetValue instead of using a "Form"? Any drawbacks?








    • EPM Guy

      First question would be why could you not use a Data Form were on submit data the BR could be triggered? It is out of the box and designed for exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

      If it is a vast amounts of data then the next question is should you be reconsidering another process where you build a process around a flat file load via Data Management(you can run a BR upon load).

      You could certainly go ahead and create an entire process around custom VBA(the OTN forums and Smart View Admin guides are good reference material) ,notably that is just another maintenance(troubleshoot if it breaks and take over if members of the team leave) point for your EPM admin team.

      If the item is to go full Smart view then Ad-hoc analysis may be even simpler.

      Notably the belief is your team has done extensive due diligence if your approach is feasible going forward.