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    Illustration and steps for making Charge Account read only...
    Topic posted May 3, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited May 3, 2019, tagged Create Requisition, How-To 
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    Illustration and steps for making Charge Account read only on a Requisition
    How to make the charge account attribute on a requisition read only



    • Saubik Bar

      Thanks Ashok

    • Minna Muikku

      Hi Ashok,


      I am curious on what cases the charge account could be read only? From where does the charge account then come to the requisition, if the requester does not do the input? I would love to know more.




      • Swami Amajala

        Charge account can be derived and defaulted based on Transaction account Rules configuration. If we don't want users to manually input and / or override the account that is generated based on rules, this would be useful.

        • Minna Muikku

          Thanks! Can you provide me any examples or documentation of these rules? Are they linked to category, smartform or?

          We have constant issues with requesters using wrong cost centers or other attributes, so I am really interested in any ways we could restrict the input.  

          • Jim Van Tongerloo

            Hi Minna,

            As I often used it, for example:

            - Company & Cost center segment are derived from the default expense account of the employee

            - Cost account is derived from the purchase category used

            - Other defaulting rules are possible.

            Please visit this post, which includes a link to the Transaction Account Builder (TAB) white paper for Procurement.


    • Ashok


      Making the charge account read-only in our illustration is not conditional. It is just a means to restrict the attribute from being updated by a user for the specific requisition. I will dig in a bit more to check with a couple of folks whether this is flexible based on some of the criterion you mention, but that just to clarify, was not the feature we were trying to explain.