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    Nathan Kellerman
    Users Reporting Consistent "Offline" Mode
    Topic posted August 26, 2019 by Nathan Kellerman, tagged Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    Users Reporting Consistent "Offline" Mode
    Multiple users are experiencing an "Offline" message even when they are in areas with full service

    Has anyone experience widespread "Offline. Sync required." messages displaying even when you have full service? Most of our users have to circumvent this by going back to the SSO page and opening a new OFSC window which causes causes delays and also gets rid of information that was previously entered.

    If you've experienced this, is there anything that worked well as another work around? Is there anything that you had to do on your end to resolve it?

    19B Service Update 16



    • Antero Makinen


      There are couple of things that came to my mind:

      Use newest version of Chrome if you don't already. Also, try removing history data (including cookies) from browser. If that doesn't work, I suggest you to try the Android application, which prevents your users of having multiple instances open on browser, if they only use the app.

      Some of our technicians have put their mobile devices on forced 3G, so it doesn't try to stay on 4G when they are in basements doing installation work. This probably won't help in your case, but it's worth trying to see if they still go offline.

      Last thing, try to check the history information of those activities and see if there are anything weird on the timestamps or dates. We've had some issues with the OFSC synchronization. I think all the abnormal timestamps are marked with an asterisk " * ". When I sent service request about these synchronization issues, support team told us to wait long enough with a proper connection until the synchronization is done.

      Also, check these one more time, if there are something helpful for you:

      I hope you get it working soon!