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    Jim Reynolds
    Transitioning from Custom Fields to Custom Attributes on the...
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by Jim ReynoldsRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited October 11, 2019 
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    Transitioning from Custom Fields to Custom Attributes on the Default Objects
    Fields added to the standard objects via the object designer do not appear in business rules.

    We are looking at transitioning away from custom fields to custom objects. Overall custom objects are great and we have used them for several applications already. Custom objects can have their own business rules applied to their fields as well via the BUI rule editor which is very nice.

    We appear to have found a gap in the functionality related to adding fields to the standard objects via the object designer and business rules though.

    When fields are added directly to the standard (contact, incident, answer etc.) objects via the object designer they can not be used in business rules. This is an issue for us as we have several custom fields on the standard objects that trigger lots of business rules. If we move these fields from custom fields to attributes on the standard object using the object designer we can no longer use them in business rules. 

    Are we missing something or is it true that fields added to the standard objects via the object designer cannot be used in business rules like custom fields can? Are there any plans in the future to expand custom object functionality to allow fields added to the standard objects to be utilised by business rules?




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Hi Jim

      Custom fields belonging to standard objects (created through the Custom Fields designer), are (with the exception of fields being created for Accounts) available in Business Rules (BR) for their respective object.
      A custom field created for Incidents is available in the BR for incidents. These are currently not available in BUI (that is, can not be created in BUI) and would have to be created in the Agent Desktop (AD). After creating the BR in the AD, the BR will also work in BUI, it's just that you need to create the BR in the AD as the BR 2.0 engine in BUI is not fully functional yet.

      For fields created through the Object Designer (custom objects) it is the opposite. Rules for these fields can only be created through BUI as the BR 2.0 engine is not yet available in the AD.

      A workaround for fields (such as account) not available through BR is the use of a CPM. A CPM is like an advanced BR and is written in PHP and can access all fields created through the Custom Fields & Custom Object designer.

      • Jim Reynolds

        Hi Sebastiaan,

        Thanks for the info. Say we have a custom field on the contact object. If we created the same field via the object designer on the contact object it would no longer be available via BR anywhere (AD or BUI). Is my understanding correct? We have tried this in our test environment and cannot see fields added to the contact object via the object designer available anywhere in the BR.

        This is the blocker for us transitioning fully from custom fields to custom objects at the moment. We have a lot of business rules triggered from custom fields on the standard objects and having to write code for all of these using CPMs is a huge overhead. Maybe when the BR 2.0 engine is fully functional these fields on the standard objects will also be available to use in BR? That would be our saving grace and would allow us to easily make the transition.