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    Update 19B: Features introduced in Self Service Procurement
    Topic posted May 11, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Tip 
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    Update 19B: Features introduced in Self Service Procurement
    What are the new features introduced in Update 19B for Fusion Self Service Procurement

    Customers / Support

    These are the new features introduced in Update 19B for Fusion Self Service Procurement. Additional details are available in the documentation library at (

    List of Features:

    a) Fulfill Project Material Requirements from Internal Sources

    Request internally stocked items to fulfill project material requirements.

    b) Override Agreement Price on Requisitions

    Override the blanket purchase agreement price in requisitions for goods and services. With this enhancement, you can change the item price on the Edit Requisition page and through the requisition import program when the blanket purchase agreement allows price override (Refer to this article that provides additional details and implementation considerations):

    c) Allow Approvers to Reject Updated Budgetary-Controlled Requisitions That Failed Funds Check

    As an approver, you can now reject budgetary-controlled requisitions that you edited but could not submit because of funds check failures. Rejecting these requisitions lets you inform requesters of the exceptions encountered. Requesters can then cancel the requisitions if needed. Without the ability to reject, you would have to communicate using offline means in order to move the requisitions from your approval queue.




    • Saubik Bar

      Thanks Ashok

    • Ramesh Bomma

      Thanks Ashok - Do we have any similar document on the changes if any on the BPM side?
      Like Approval Reassignment, Skip Current Task Assignments and Vacation rules


    • Ashok


      This might be better addressed in the BPM forum. I reviewed but am not entirely sure if BPM publishes a What's New type document. This might be something you can pursue directly with them and let these customers know if you find something.