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    Connor Bussell
    Desktop Barcode Scanner with Inventory Management
    Topic posted June 24, 2019 by Connor Bussell, tagged Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    Desktop Barcode Scanner with Inventory Management
    Has anyone used a desktop barcode scanner with inventory management?

    I am currently working with a customer who has only has inventory management cloud subscription, not WMS. They will be receiving shipments at their store locations and want an efficient way of capturing the serial numbers during the receipt.

    Without using RF - Smart, is it possible to do this using some sort of simple desktop bar code scanner?

    Fusion Inventory Managment R 13, 19B



    • Divya Panuganti
      Yes you can. You can use any USB scanner and scan serials into the cloud application. You do not need any other software for that.
    • Abhishek Rustagi

      My customer has a requirement to scan 500+ serial numbers in a single receiving transaction. Currently after scanning each serial number, user has to click on Add Row button and keep the cursor in newly added row and scan another serial number. For scanning 500+ serial numbers, it takes a huge amount of time.

      Any opion on how to resolve this issue ?



    • mrigank sharma


      You can add carriage return on your barcodes to make the cursor move to next field.



      • Abhishek Rustagi

        It doesn't work in Fusion screen. User will have to Click on Add Row button to create new record and place the cursor in new record before starting the scanning for another serial number.

    • mrigank sharma

      Custom solution for receiving is the only option available, as groovy scripting won't work too to add dynamic rows.

      Create a web-based application using ABCS/APEX for receiving and implementation is what it looks like.