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    Dilip Jayachandra
    Change Date in application
    Topic posted September 7, 2018 by Dilip JayachandraBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Change Date in application

    Hi Gurus,

    In past dates we cannot create an activity. But there is a scenario where in a repeating activity I should create a activity from past date to future date.

    How can we change the application calendar to August 1, 2018?





    • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

      Hi Dilip,

      OFS does not allow users to create activities in the past. I would suggest submitting an idea to the idea lab outlining the requirement. 


    • Dilip Jayachandra

      Yeah sure Shaun.

      Isnt there any possibilty to change the OFSC application date?



    • shankar

      Hi Dilip,

      I'm assuming you want to change the format of the date from the post and subsequent query. In my display you need to configure long date format and select the corresponding date format which helps your business need.