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    Chetan Durg
    Mobile Cloud Service Connector
    Topic posted January 16, 2017 by Chetan Durg 
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    Mobile Cloud Service Connector
    Mobile Cloud Service Connector

    Hello Experts, I am trying to invoke Rest API which is exposed but unsecured i.e without a domain name using IP address the Rest API is exposed and can be invoked on browser which results in a json response. But when I use the same Rest API the connector throws me SSLHandshake exception. Rest API: https://x.x.x.x/connect/services/rest/TestDetails/  ---When invoked on browser gives me a result in json object. But when used in MCS connector it gives me the below error.. So in connector we cannot use non domain URI like with IP address it needs to be only secured URI with a domain name?. {   "type": "",   "status": 500,   "title": "Internal exception invoking Rest Connector.",   "detail": "An unexpected exception occurred internal to the REST Connector. Review the exception and try calling the service again. If the exception occurs again, contact Oracle Support Services.",   "o:ecid": "005HYz_x7UpA9T3_RlH7id0005KG00002W, 0:4:3:18",   "o:errorCode": "MOBILE-16202",   "o:errorPath": "/internal-tools/env/1.0/ui-tooling/endpoint/mobile/connector/TestConnectorAPI",   "o:errorDetails": [     {       "type": "",       "title": "",       "detail": "General SSLEngine problem",       "o:errorDetails": [         {           "type": "",           "title": "",           "detail": "General SSLEngine problem",           "o:errorDetails": [             {               "type": "",               "title": "",               "detail": "PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target",               "o:errorDetails": [                 {                   "type": "",                   "title": "",                   "detail": "unable to find valid certification path to requested target"                 }               ]             }           ]         }       ]     }   ] } Thanks Chetan



    • Chris Muir

      , your username indicates you are an Oracle employee.  As an employee please post your questions to the internal mobile forum, this is a public forum.

      Chris Muir.

    • Michael Erlekam

      Two things to check:

      1. Import the certificate from the url your service is located at. You can export the certificate directly from the browser. Than import it into your MCS-environment under Settings > Credentials > Certificates.

      2. You may encounter the next issue related with this: 
      Hostname verification failed:
      That one you can solve by downloading the under Settings > Policies > Export
      In the downloaded file change the *.*.Security_IgnoreHostnameVerification to true. Save it. And upload it again.

      Hope this is any help.