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    Handle multiple page navigation roots
    Topic posted February 16, 2019 by BSRGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged APIs, Authoring, Content Management, SDK 
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    Handle multiple page navigation roots

    Hello experts,

    I've a requirement for two levels of header navigation (global and site headers) and I want to maintain them separately in CEC. However, I understand from the documentation and through starter template authoring view that I can't accommodate two root pages for one site. What is the best way to realize this requirement ?




    • Kamal Kapur

      Is this like the site - global top bar and then below it you might have section specific pages e.g. Can you confirm that is what you are looking for. In addition, is the global navigation managed by the site users or is it managed by a different team ?

      • BSR

        Hi Kamal, thanks for your comment. Yes, you are right about my expectation regarding global & section headers. Site users intend to manage both headers from CEC. Please advise.


        • Kamal Kapur

          Could this be handled in the site by creating two top level pages that are hidden in navigation 

          - Global

          - Site 

          And then place the pages you want to show in the navigation under these nodes.