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    Raghavendra Manchigiah
    Integration Usecase
    Topic posted May 9, 2019 by Raghavendra Manchigiah, last edited May 9, 2019, tagged Data Transformation, DIPC, ODI, On-Premise 
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    Integration Usecase
    On Prem DB to SaaS Integration

    Dear Experts,

    We are evaluating PaaS offerings to implement the following Integration use case :

    Integrate transactional data from an On-Prem MS SQL Server DB to Fusion Cloud ERP. We expect the load to be heavy ( 150K transactions daily) and are considering ODICS to implement it . Additional requirements include field level validations before submitting payload to Fusion webservice.

    Is this doable in ODICS or is OIC recommended( There may be a need for certain amount of orchestration)

    Kindly advise







    • Julien Testut

      Hi Raghvendra,

      I'd recommend assessing if OIC can do this first before considering alternatives such as ODICS. Please contact your local Oracle account team who should be able to assist with this.


    • Ram Naresh Rayaprolu

      Hi Raghavendra,

      ODI is an ETL tool basically used for data warehousing needs, on the other hand OIC is a middleware tool whose primary functionality is for integration between different systems.  Now in your case you can use either of them to load the data into Fusion Cloud ERP, also both the tools can handle 150k records per day volume. However, the major difference you would find is, since ODI uses ETL process for whole data conversion, it is a little complex process and there are more steps involved. But using the OIC it is a less complex because basically it is webservice calls between two systems. Other advantages of having OIC is  

      1. OIC provides you a readymade ERP Cloud adapter with almost all transactional functions in the integrations.

      2. You can have track of every transaction that is flowing into Oracle.

      2. For any reason if the transaction fails, you can reprocess it 

      3. You can use OIC for integration of Fusion Cloud ERP with many other external systems that suppoer REST or SOAP webservices.

      I can provide you more insight on OIC. Let me know if you want to know more about it.