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    How to create and launch an initiative with multiple...
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    How to create and launch an initiative with multiple suppliers?
    This post illustrates how to add one or more suppliers to an initiative and launch it.

    To qualify suppliers organizations send questionnaires to suppliers and qualify them based on the response provided by them. In an organization supplier qualifications guidelines. process, etc. subject to change over a period of time and the qualification for the suppliers should be also updated accordingly. Organizations deal with huge supplier base and to qualify suppliers with ease we can launch an initiative with multiple suppliers at once.



    • Create a new initiative and add the necessary qualification areas.
    • Next, you add suppliers to the initiative. You can add suppliers to the initiative by various methods:
      • Clicking the "+" icon or selecting the "Add" task under the Action menu of the Suppliers section.


      • Using the "Search and Add" option.


    • If you need to add just a few suppliers or if you know the supplier names, you can use the "+" icon or select the "Add" task under the Action menu of the Suppliers section.
    • If you need to add a large number of suppliers, you can use the "Search and Add" option to add suppliers to the initiative.
    • The Search and Add feature provides you a variety of supplier search attributes where you can find the suppliers and add them to the initiative.


    •  To add suppliers, use the different search fields to search for the targeted suppliers. Then, from the search result, you can select and add the suppliers by clicking on "Add to Selection".


    • After selecting and adding all the suppliers, click on "Continue" to return back to the initiative screen and you can view the added suppliers.


    • After adding the suppliers, you can configure the questionnaire settings and launch the initiative to all the suppliers present in the initiative.



    For more details, you can refer to the Supplier Qualification Management Release Training - Create Initiative



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      Thanks for sharing . do u have the latest Supplier Qualification Management Release Training links ? 

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      The latest readiness training for Procurement is available here: