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    Max Basandrai
    PO Email Sent to Supplier
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Max BasandraiBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, Fusion, How-To, Notifications, Orders 
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    PO Email Sent to Supplier
    PO Email Sent to Supplier

    How can we add some test to the PO Email that is automatically sent to suppliers.

    Also how do we prevent it being in a zip format but in PDF instead.

    R13 19A



    • chetan kumar

      Hi Max,

      Could you please provide detailed information for your first question and for secound question will check and get back to you.



    • Minna Muikku


      There is an opt in available (came in release 13, maybe 18c) that allows you to send PO as pdf file instead off zip. So you definitely should have that option if you are in 19A. You can also modify the e-mail message using BI Publisher (also an opt in)



    • Max Basandrai

      Hi Minna

      Release 19A is coming over the weekend.

      At the moment I can see "Send Purchasing Document Attachments as Separate Files" is that the one you are referring to?



    • Neelam Thakur

      About testing, there is a profile option called PO_CONTROL_SUPPLIER_COMMUNICATION. The possible values for this are Enable, Disable and Override E-mail Recipient. You can always set this option to Override E-mail Recipient and provide a test email address for testing purpose. That way your supplier will not receive test emails. In fact this is one of our post clone steps in for non-prod environment after each refresh. Hope this helps!