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    Ramesh JC
    Unable to see the requisition created from Min-Max planning
    Topic posted September 14, 2016 by Ramesh JCGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited September 14, 2016, tagged Create Requisition 
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    Unable to see the requisition created from Min-Max planning

    Unable to see the requisition created from Min-Max planning even after performing the following steps -


    a) Run MinMax ESS job.

    b) Run "Process Supply Chain Orchestration Interface" ESS job.

    c) Requisition is created successfully which can be seen in SCO "Manage Supply Lines" screen.

    d) Requisition is not visible to preparer in Manage Requistions page.

    e) Requisition is not visible to buyer in Purchasing "View Requisition Line" and "Process Requisition Line" pages.


    SUGGESTED_BUYER_ID and ASSIGNED_BUYER_ID are blank for requisition line. Also REQS_IN_POOL_FLAG is 'N'.

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    • Sumana Sarkar

      Min-Max requisition are externally managed (header flag EXTERNALLY_MANAGED_ FLAG = Y) and externally managed requisitions are never displayed in SSP UIs. If there is no buyer assigned for the requisition you cannot find the requisition in PO pages.

      To resolve the issue perform the below steps:

          - In FSM, update the Configure Procurement Business Function with a default buyer.
          - In Purchasing, run the Generate Orders program and provide the procurement BU, requisitioning BU, and requisition number.
          -Then log in to purchasing as the buyer, you should now be able to query the requisition.

      Note : 1) To avoid this issue in the future, you should create  rules to assign a buyer to requisitions, specially the ones generated via backend integration (task name : Manage Buyer Assignment Rules).

      2) Also procurement BU configuration option 'Create Order Immediately After Requisition Import' should be set to to Y to trigger the PO generate orders program automatically.