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    Bhanu Sethi
    DBCS as a RESTful Service
    Topic posted April 30, 2019 by Bhanu SethiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Apex, DBCS, REST API, UI 
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    DBCS as a RESTful Service
    Looking for a means to increase the session time out of DBCS RESTful service


    We have exposed our DBCS as a REST service using Oracle APEX.

    Now when we try to hit the REST service to get a response from the DBCS objects, everytime we need to manually go and start the standalone server and then hit the REST service.

    Also, the server session times out very quickly and then we again need to restart it.

    Is there a way by which we can get rid of this situation and we may not have to manually start the server everytime.

    Else, is there a way we could increase the session timeout.

    Any inputs would be appreciated.


    Bhanu Sethi