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    Sreejit Nair
    OAuthprofile multiple Audience
    Topic posted March 25, 2019 by Sreejit NairGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited March 25, 2019, tagged API Catalog, API Platform, APIs, Autonomous API Platform, Gateways 
    OAuthprofile multiple Audience
    How to add multiple Audience in OAuth profile in APIPCS

    Hi Team,

    My Sample OAuthprofile:
    <!-- Issuer of the token. In this case Oracle Identity Cloud -->
    <!-- Audience should match the Primary Audience in the Resource Server in IDCS -->
    <!-- useFormat has 2 values  PEMFormatPubKey, X509FormatPubKey -->
        <PublicCertLocation useFormat='JWKFormatPubKey'>
        <JWKFormatPubKey>added the signature from IDCS</JWKFormatPubKey></PublicCertLocation>
    in the above OAuth profile, I have used Audience as "SNLibraryAPI" which is the audience I have mentioned when I configured resource application in IDCS.
    Now the question is if I create another resource application in IDCS with another primary audience ex. SNMovieAPI, how I will add this is my Authprofile? can I add like <Audience>SNLibraryAPI, SNMovieAPI</Audience> or do I need to create another element of <OAuth2TokenLocalEnforcerConfig>?
    Another question each <OAuth2TokenLocalEnforcerConfig> has Name element, can I create it with any name other than DEFAULT? any document which explains in detail how to use OAuth profile?
    Sreejit Nair


    IDCS 18.4.2, APIPCS 18.2.3