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    Erlin Garcia
    Start orders randomly
    Topic posted June 27, 2019 by Erlin GarciaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited June 27, 2019, tagged Collaboration, Configuration, Dashboard / Reporting, Dispatch Functionally, Mobility / Mobile Apps, Resource Management, Routing / Optimization 
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    Start orders randomly
    Start orders randomly

    Good Morning ,


    Currently we have 10 orders visible by technician.

    View image :

    We require that the technician can randomly start any of these 10 orders.

    That is to say that from this list of 10 orders can start the 8 then go to the 2 then 4 and so on.


    This is possible.??





    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Erlin,

      A) the technicians choose their next activity freely if the activities are not-ordered ones, or
      B) OFSC / Configuration / User Types / "Allow selection of the next activity on Complete" checked.
      With the first scenario, any activity can be selected for the first activity for the day by technician, with the second, the first activity is a fixed one.


      • Erlin Garcia

        Good Morning,

        Thank you.

        I just made the change but in the tests it does not work for me.

        Check Allow selection of the next activity on Complete but still let me start the first one only randomly.


        Is there another change that I need to make?

        I can send you the complete configuration of the profile to see if there is one that is crashing.


        Have some documentation at hand on this point

        Thank you



        • Zsolt Tolgyesi

          Hi Erlin,

          Sorry, but I've wrote all about this in my answer already, no any additional comment available. You've choose scenario B) and IMO this is the expected behavior.