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    Widget Inspector error when using https administrative pages
    Topic posted May 5, 2017 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
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    Widget Inspector error when using https administrative pages

    The February release delivers a widget inspector, which allows web developers to access the administrative Customer Portal pages, inspect various widgets, and change them without having to touch any code.

    This is a nice feature but there is some strange behavior when using a site that has HTTPS configured on the administrative pages. When looking at the portal pages in development mode using HTTP, all seems to work fine until you commit your inspector changes. When committing, some unclear error message appears and the changes are not committed.

    The error is caused by the changes not being committed using https, which is required for the update of the widget attributes,  but http, which is what your portal is using. According to Oracle (after 2 months of research) this is not a bug but by design.

    If you run into this error open your portal page as https, even if you're not using that for your normal portal use..



    • Barrilito van Dijk

      Hi Dietrik,

      "By design"... mmm... sounds not that clear to me, but good to hear about it, thanks for sharing!


    • Willie Eide

      Allow me to address this - in a couple of statements.

      • "2 months of research" - I had followed this question/issue for a bit and noticed that not all the information was provided. There were a number of questions from development about configuration settings such as SEC_VALID_ADMIN_HOSTS, setting "Admin SSL" through the provisioning process and VALID_ENDUSER setting as well. Our team had a hard time getting clear answers from the (Oracle) people asking the question. Mix that with remote locations which made it that some questions and follow ups had 24 hour cycles. Not an excuse but just explaining.
      • If a site is configured as https for the administrative pages, then it does follow to reason to be able to make the changes via the product (as opposed to something like Cyberduck/WebDAV). Changes would follow the same protocol as the product.
      • With a product like Widget Inspector, I am pushing towards "iteration and ideation" - being able to provide functionality to users in a timely fashion. The side effect is that we may not have full documentation as well as we may have some "holes" in the product - maybe even errors if one does not have a "happy path" through the functionality. We continue to work through issues and work through providing a more complete documentation product.


    • Dietrik

      Hi Willie,

      Thanks for your comments. 

      I understand new functions might have imperfections and try to make the product better by reporting these through a service incident.

      As far as I'm concerned, the response to these reports could be more productive to both Oracle and me.

      Regards, Dietrik

    • Willie Eide

      Apologizes if my response was not ideal/productive. Not my intent.
      Trying to be more transparent about the "goings on", and working towards getting solutions to you (our customers) faster.


    • Dietrik

      Hi Willie,

      I appreciate your comments and insight on this and other topics.

      That remark was referring to the incident proces which took me quite some time and frustration.

      Sorry for the confusion.

      Regards, Dietrik

    • Dietrik

      I've noticed people having trouble finding the widget inspector on feb 17 sites.

      You can activate the widget inspector in the development header at the widget information sub header when viewing your site in development mode.
      Check the box to activate the inspector for a widget.


    • Willie Eide

      You are correct Dietrik, in 17.2 & 17.5 you need to find it under the Development header (banner) and inside the widget information.

      In 17.8 we are introducing a new administration console (actually just moving a few tiles around and making room) and we have promoted the Widget Inspector to the front page. Now, you'll still be able to get to it via the development banner but no you can go directly to it from the admin console. Look for it in 17.8


    • Ryan

      Looking at a 17.2 site presently in Dev.  Expanding dev header > Page Widget Information. Menu items available are "Show list of widgets on this page" and "Show URL parameters used by this page" -- neither of which seem to include anything about the inspector.  What am I missing?

    • Willie Eide

      Sorry, I should be more detailed:

      First, although you might be on 17.2, the CP framework needs to be on 3.6. 
      Second, when clicking on the Show List of Widgets, there should be some checkboxes that allow you to inspect each widget. Documentation should be adequate to walk you through the feature, but if not -- let me know and I can repost here.

    • Ryan

      Willie - 

      3.6 was the culprit.  I don't recall seeing that documented anywhere, so thanks for the insight.