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    Dean C Henkel
    default "god-like" job access role
    Topic posted October 28, 2019 by Dean C HenkelBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Financials, HCM, Security 
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    default "god-like" job access role
    full access for non-production, non masked environment

    Does anyone have an "out of the box" access list of roles which gives basically "all" access without have to guess what multiple roles are needed for analysis and review? 

    We have a non-production, masked environment and have identified key roles for ERP Financial, Inventory, and HCM to enable access BUT we always seem to come up "short."

    Is there default "god-like" job access role that would be easier?  I see our list varies from manager to supervisor to administrator, but nothing easily identifiable.



    • Joshua Vincent
      The best delivered role for most things is the Application Implementation Consultant role, but you will also need either the specific applications' Manager or Administrator role (e.g., Payroll Manager), and if unclear, select the Manager variation. You can then do a spreadsheet load for the data access to enable access to the appropriate business units, ledgers, intercompany organizations, etc.
      • Dean C Henkel

        Thanks Josh... it is something "my mother never told me" and she thought I needed to figure it out for myself.