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    Melissa Stewart
    Invoice Notes Disappearing
    Topic posted September 18, 2019 by Melissa StewartGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Invoice Notes Disappearing
    Invoice Notes Disappearing

    When entering an invoice, user enters invoice notes, clicks Save. When the user goes back to view notes, the notes did not save. 

    This only occurs for certain users, not all. We have checked Security, and the users have the correct roles assigned. 

    The issue seems to have started after 19 C went in. 

    Has anyone else seen this issue?

    Thank you.





    • Priyanka Jain

      Hi Melissa,

      You need to check how the user has been created. Check if the user is employee or not. And if the user has been created through Manage User Account, link the employee to the user account.

      The notes are visible only to the employee users. Therefore in this case, the system does not find the employee linked with the user account.

      • Maureen O'Leary

        Priyanka - 

        Your information is helpful.  I have the same issue. 

        We have created users through Manage User Account with a user category of DEFAULT and assigned them the Employee Role.  Your statement of "link the employee to the user account" makes me believe that we have missed some configuration related to creating employees.  

        Would you please point me to information about creating employees?  I have been searching for documentation with no luck so far.

        My thanks in advance for your time and attention.



        • Priyanka Jain

          Hi Maureen,

          This happens only when the user has not been created from Manage users task. If user is not created from that task, it will not have an Employee number in the backend which is not allowing the user to save notes. Please check the employee number for your user in question. 

          Hope this helps.

          BR, Priyanka

          • Maureen O'Leary

            Priyanka - 

            You are brilliant, Thank You. 

            We had not created our users from the Manage Users task.  Once I did create one and linked them to the existing user then notes can be viewed.  

            We have an expectation that the Notes icon would change color once a note was attached to a transaction.  Is that not a realistic expectation?