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    Louise Moss
    Migrating historical invoices and revenue
    Topic posted November 29, 2018 by Louise MossGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Project Billing & Revenue, Project Management, Public Sector 
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    Migrating historical invoices and revenue
    Migrating historical invoices and revenue for active projects

    Hi, we recently (1 Nov) moved to Oracle and for all our current active projects, we decided that we wanted to be able to see the full financial life in our new system (rather than balancing them off and then setting up from the 1 Nov onwards).

    We have migrated the cost elements, but are unsure of the best way to migrate the income. Does anyone else have experience of this and what approach did you take?

    Many thanks, Louise

    Oracle Cloud Application 13.18.05 (



    • Sanjeev Kumar

      Hi Lousie,

      You can load the Historical invoices as closed supplier cost.The revenue can be migrated into the instance as Events(Billing Events).



    • Rajesh Choudhary

      Migration of revenue/invoice from legacy system to Oracle Cloud can be performed by following the below Migration approach:

      Actions to be performed in an external system

      1) Fully account and post revenue to GL in the external system.

      2) Fully invoice i.e transfer invoices to receivables and mark them accepted in the external system.

      3) Summarize revenue/invoice at project/top task level in the external system.

      Actions to be performed in Oracle Cloud

      1) Create an event type with Migration Flag enabled.

      2) Create a new AR Transaction Type with "Open Receivable" and "Post to GL" unchecked

      3) Create/Import the contract in Oracle Cloud. This contract should use the AR Transaction Type created in step 2

      4) Mark the contract created in step 3 to support migration by enabling migration in progress indicator in the billing tab.

      5) Using event type created in Step 1, create migration revenue and invoice events in Oracle Cloud, the amount of event should be equal to the summary amount in the external system.

      6) Setup SLA rules, using event type, created in step 1 to account migration revenue in migration accounts.

      7) Generate Migration Revenue and perform accounting. The migration revenue should be accounted for migration accounts.

      8) Generate Migration Invoices and transfer it to Receivables and perform tieback to mark the migration invoices in an accepted status.

      9) Update/Amend the contract to use an AR Transaction Type with "Open Receivable" and "Post to GL" enabled.

      Please Note: Revenue/Invoice generation of new transactions for the contract will not be allowed when the contract is marked for migration in progress.

      Do let me know if you need more details.



      • Rajesh Choudhary

        In the above steps for migration, the projects invoices are interfaced to Fusion Receivable cloud. If the requirement is to use a third party receivable application to interface the migration invoices then you can use the below steps after an invoice is generated by projects:

        1) Run"Export Invoice Details Process". Running this process would export the projects invoices in a CSV.
        2) Process these invoices in a third party receivable application.
        3) Use "Confirm Invoice acceptance status in receivables" webservice to update the exported invoices (exported in step 1) as accepted.

    • Louise Moss

      Thank you, great detail, will give this a try. Kind Regards, Louise