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    Tip: Self Service Procurement Mobile Application
    Topic posted July 7, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 17, 2018, tagged FAQ, Requisition Mobile, Tip 
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    Tip: Self Service Procurement Mobile Application
    Self Service Mobile Application requires User Login

    Clarification on Fusion Self Service Procurement Mobile Application:

    You must log in to the application for use. The application does not automatically log you in based on your SSO login.

    There were recently a couple of new customers that were starting to use the application that asked about this behavior. 

    We currently require local user log in on the Mobile to use the application. SSO based login is not possible at this time.



    • Rizwan Basha

      Hi Ashok,

      Our Key business users would like to use Self service procurement mobile app. Few things to clarify

      1. The home page on the app displays the 'Recent Requisitions'. However, clicking on them does not open the requisition. Reqs are in 'Pending approval' or 'Approved' status

      2. Smartforms not available or no option to select. Is this the limitation of the app? Our requestors often use configured smartforms to submit requests. 

      Appreciate your comments




    • Ashok

      Both of these features are on the backlog for the future. These are not currently design features for the mobile app. We allow Non Catalog Requests through the app.

    • Ashok

      Unfortunately, these are not planned features for any release. These are in our list of things for the future at this time.