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    Padmanabha Rao
    Scope of Offering versus Scope of Feature
    Topic posted October 31, 2019 by Padmanabha RaoRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Architecture, Integration, PaaS/SaaS, Sales Performance Mgmt, Setup and Maintenance 
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    Scope of Offering versus Scope of Feature
    ICM Offering becomes Incentives Feature in 19C; what are the changes in the service?

    Oracle Support was insistent that "nothing has changed". At the Cloud, an Offering and a Feature count for some difference shurely?

    Is there a document/page that explains the thinking/vision behind the name, definition and roadmap of the 'Incentives' Feature of OSC? (and maybe additionally explain it versus the ICM Offering/ICM Cloud Service)





    • Jayaraghavendra Rao

      Technically speaking there is no change in the product. Prior to this change, Incentive Compensation and Sales cloud were separate offerings and you need to enable both offerings to access the related features. With this new change, Incentive Compensation is no longer a separate offering and hence there is no requirement to enable Incentive Compensation as separate offering/ This is now part of Sales Cloud and if Sales Cloud offering is enabled, then you will have a separate functional area 'Incentives' where you can look all IC related tasks.

    • Jayaraghavendra Rao

      Incentive means incentive to your sales team and it means the same as incentive compensation.