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    PJ Thomas
    OCI Load Balancer vs OTD
    Topic posted June 18, 2019 by PJ ThomasRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Autonomous Database, Block Storage, Cloud at Customer, Compute, Developer Tools, File Storage, Object Storage, Security, Terraform, Virtual Cloud Network 
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    OCI Load Balancer vs OTD
    Question : Load Balancer in OCI vs OTD

    Hi All,

    I understand from docs as OCI has dedicated LB for each region/VCN/AD (either region level or ADSubnet level) - are they hardware based LB or software based ? Does OTD used in the above mix?

    Looking for the architectural and technical build components used for load balancing in OCI.

    Background (use case):

    1. For example: Exalogic built-in OTD , JCS and SOACS services if deployed in OCI to be externally (accessed), which LB will be used (hardware based or software based)?




    • Kumar Dhanagopal

      The OCI LB service is software-based. It is not OTD.

      For your JCS on OCI use case, you can set up an OCI LB attached to a public subnet, as described in this doc:

      This doc shows a reference architecture:

      I hope this helps.


    • PJ Thomas

      Hi Kumar,

      Thanks for the links.

      additional question:

      1. Does the OCI LB (software based) provide reverse proxy functionality ? [ trying to achieve backend origin pool servers growths/shrinks reflected dynamicaly at the LB to route the traffic, which was possible in OTD].


      • Kumar Dhanagopal

        backend origin pool servers growths/shrinks reflected dynamicaly at the LB to route the traffic

        That's not possible, unfortunately.  See the following text that I'm quoting from the JCS doc referenced earlier:

        When you scale-out or scale-in your Oracle Java Cloud Service instance, the backend set of a manually configured Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing instance is not updated automatically. You must update the backend set manually to add or remove the Oracle WebLogic Server nodes.

        If you need the OCI LB to auto-adjust the backend when the JCS cluster size changes, then you should provision the LB as a part of the JCS instance-creation process. But that approach constrains you in other ways... The LB shape is fixed at 100 MBps; you can't choose a shape. And you can't configure the LB parameters: e.g., add SSL/TLS certificates, configure listeners. This, too, is documented in the above doc.

    • Robin Chatterjee

      If you are using pure IaaS you should look into instance pools and autoscaling to accomplish this...