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    Ability to have unique sequence number for specific type of...
    Topic posted November 20, 2018 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Configuration and Administration, Integration, Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration, UX 
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    Ability to have unique sequence number for specific type of records
    To have unique sequence numbers for records with specific type

    Requirement:  For SRs of type 'X'  we have to have continuous numbers (unique sequences) for legal purpose.  currently we have SR number in SR object which is the PUID, but this is for all type of SRs.  So, in this way type 'X' SRs we can have sequence number gaps, which should not be  as there is a periodic report to be submitted to Governmnent and for this type of SRs and there should not be gaps in the sequence numbers. 

    Is there a way to achieve this requirement? 






    • Reghu

      Any updates on this please?

    • Usha Ramesh

      Dear Reghu,

      I assume that the sequence generation would be part of the delivered system and we may not have access to the same

      I was thinking if we could have a custom field which could be used to generate the sequence number only if the SR belongs to type X. I was thinking on these lines only because the report is generated and sent and that report can always be a custom report with the required fields. 

      Please do let me know your thoughts.


      Usha Ramesh

    • Reghu

      Dear Usha,

      thanks for your response.  The problem we foresee is with the integrity of the field.  When concurrent creation happens (at the same time including fraction of seconds, as there are thousands of users) then we have no control on the value, chances are high that two records can have same sequence.  Moreover we currently donot have feature to make a field unique for an object.



    • Reghu

      Thanks anyways Usha for responding to the threads which have been long waiting