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    Examples of widget pages
    Topic posted November 28, 2007 by Danny Silver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Examples of widget pages
    I couldn't find any examples in the knowledge base. I'd like to see a working example. Are there any customer sites (or RNT sites) that show how this features looks?



    • HT

      This is a new feature. You are supposed to download and install the widget yourself. If you need help with installation please let me know.


    • Danny
      I realize I'd have to install it if we decided to use it; What I'm looking for are examples of companies using it already so that I can demonstrate it within the University. I have to sell it to my users before I do anything else.
    • HT
      I will learn this for you. We released it fairly recently. I will investigate if there are some deployment of the widgets already.
    • david fulton
      Hi Danny -
      With the new release olny being available for the last couple of weeks, I don't believe that there are enough customers on November '07 to point you to production pages as yet.
      We are discussing adding the widget on our own site to give an example and I hope to be able to point you in the direction of one such implementation over the next few days.
      I'll let you know when it is available!
    • david fulton
      Danny, a couple of example pages with Knowledge Syndication Widgets that you can look at are the following:


      Scroll to the bottom of the page - the sections highlighted as [New!] Upgrade Knowledge are both Knowledge Syndication Widgets

    • tsm
      Any updates at this point for other customers using the widget? The Nov '07 release has been our for ~6 months now.
    • Jon MacKay
      see the posting from 5/9/08 on  which answers your question.
      It only points to one site that is using this in production, but hopefully it gives you an idea. 
    • Hazman Aziz

       Hi Danny,


      I have implemented out the knowledge syndication widget for my university library. You can check out on this url:


      This a directory (- a gateway page) for all library subscribed databases to access. All the university community will enter thru this page and do their research for more academic resources.


      Lot's of questions and FAQ are related on this page. I have cite out using RNT database just extract all the FAQ Knowledge based that related to this service point. For Library science, this is a new initiative (I guess), mashing up a directory content mgt system, a proxy server and a knowledge based. Soon, I will putting in some social attribute to make this a social site, where learning and doing academic work will be fun. 


      check out.



      Hazman Aziz

    • HT

      Thanks Hazman, sharing this with us. Looks great!


    • Bret Friedrich

      Here are a couple of other examples: - you can also click on the contact us page - there are a few places on the SanDisk site.