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    Daniel Rocha
    Share the same data for multiple widgetsAnswered
    Topic posted February 28, 2019 by Daniel RochaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Share the same data for multiple widgets
    Possible ways to share the same data object across custom widgets

    I have a custom widget that fetchs some initial data from the database to be used in a form. I need to store this data in a way that other custom widgets can access it and edit it before the final result is submitted. I first tried to use the <rn:container /> tag, but that seems to only make a shallow copy of the attribute to the other widgets. Then I used the fire/listen to events strategy and it worked, but I repeated the same logic in all of the custom widgets.

    Is there a better way to make all the wigets communicate like this?

    Customer Portal 3.7

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    Daniel Rocha

    I just happened to stumble upon this answer and is the answer I was looking for. I'm closing this post just to serve as a reference in case somebody asks the same thing.