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    Tudor Hanga
    My Receipts search criteria issue
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by Tudor HangaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged How-To, Setup, Supply & Distribution Planning Cloud 
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    My Receipts search criteria issue
    Since a few days the fields marked with two stars (at least one required) have changed


    In our Production environment the setup related to the My Receipts search have changed.  Previously the two fields 'Purchase Order' and 'Transfer Order' used to be marked with the double star, meaning they were part of the fields with 'At least one is required'. This meant one could add the PO number and search for it. 

    Now, the system is Prompting us to give either 'Requester' or 'Entered by', and it does not accept us to give only the PO number.

    In our DEV1 instance which was cloned from Prod on 30 Aug we are not having the issue so we suspect something happened in Prod between 30-31 August to have caused the issue. 

    Could you indicate the setup to mark the fields Purchase Order and Transfer Order back with the two stars? 

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    • MerriH

      My customer is experiencing the same issue however for only one user that we know about. 

    • Tudor Hanga

      As a reference / comparison, I am attaching also an image from DEV instance, which shows how it used to look in Production. 

    • Abdul Karim OMAR

      We also have ** at requester and Entered by. Does any patched applied recently.


    • Tudor Hanga


      For us the issue was caused by the fact that the users did not have the permission to create GR in the name of other requesters. When given access to this, the ** symbol appeared also for Purchase Order. 

      Kind regards,