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    Default of the Supplier Site Agreement in Purchase...
    Topic posted July 19, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged FAQ, How-To, Requisition Web Services, Setup 
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    Default of the Supplier Site Agreement in Purchase Requisitions
    How does the supplier site default to requisition lines

    Business Context:

    We have recently seen a few customers observe that even though they change the supplier site on a blanket agreement, the new site is not defaulted to the requisition line.


    Procurement agents create supplier purchase agreements and they can specify the client requisitioning business units that can purchase using the supplier agreement. Now, the agreement has several regions and tabs. In the main tab, the purpose of providing a supplier site is to determine certain default options such as currency, communication method, supplier acknowledgement, etc. It will default as the purchasing site in the control tab, if the procurement BU of the agreement is also a requisitioning BU. 

    Important: The supplier site in the main tab is not the site that defaults to the requisition in Self Service Procurement.

    Then where?

    On the Controls tab of the agreement, in the Business Unit Access region, you specify the client requisitioning BU and provide the supplier site, ship-to location, and bill-to location for requisitions and purchase orders created for these client business units.

    When you create requisitions in a requisitioning BU and use an agreement, the supplier and supplier site default from the agreement. The supplier site used in requisitions is the one defined in the Controls tab of the agreement for the client requisitioning BU that is active in the  Requisition's user's preferences.

    Important: When you do a change order in the agreement to change the site in the main tab, the site in the controls tab will not automatically change based on the site of the main tab. This is probably why these customers don't see their change reflected on their requisitions. So, if you want the new site to apply to your requisitions, you must make the same change in the Controls tab of the agreement as well.


    When the supplier has multiple sites, you can check the option Allow ordering from unassigned sites on the Controls tab of the agreement. This option will allow requesters to choose any valid supplier site in the requisitioning Business Unit when creating requisitions. This capability is enabled when ordering using a smart form with a CPA, or through the Enter Requisition Line page.