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    Nayana HV
    Access Denied message while trying to consume RightNow wsdl
    Topic posted October 16, 2015 by Nayana HVGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Access Denied message while trying to consume RightNow wsdl

    I am trying to consume RightNow wsdl through Java Cloud (JCS) using JDEVELOPER as IDE. I have used security policy: wss_username _token_over_ssl_client_policy, and have deployed the application on cloud. But while invoking the webservice, I am getting the following error message :

    "Client received SOAP fault from server : Access Denied" 

    On RightNow side: I have provided the permission for "Public SOAP API" on the profile screen and I have also set the value of the configuration setting "SEC_PAPI_INTEG_HOSTS_SOAP".

    Any help regarding this issue is highly appreciated.

    Thank you. 




    • Scott Harwell

      Nayana, are you able to use a tool like fiddler to capture the SOAP envelope that is sent to Service Cloud?  Maybe not since you're using Java Cloud, but that's the easiest way to troubleshoot what's being sent to the server.  Almost certainly, the authorization components of the SOAP body either have invalid date (username and password are incorrect), or are not being constructed properly.  Even if you cannot get the SOAP body from Java Cloud, use SOAP UI to create some test posts to the web service.  That way, you can pinpoint if there is an issue with the service or the data coming out of Java Cloud.

      I'd say the first thing that you should do is provide the SOAP body of the web service post and then we can help troubleshoot what might be happening from there.