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    Ruzwan Akram
    OTBI Reports take into Account AoR settings ?
    Topic posted February 17, 2017 by Ruzwan AkramGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Core HR, OTBI 
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    OTBI Reports take into Account AoR settings ?
    OTBI Reports take into Account AoR settings ?

    When running an OTBI report would they only see employee data in the output according to their Area of Responsibility settings as per the front end screens ?

    I assume BI Publisher reports would not take into account AoR settings  and employee would see all data in the output ?



    • Duane ***

      My question is similar, can BI publisher reports be setup to use Area of Responsibility (AoR)? Currently we have AoR's set up by country and region which work well with OTBI reports, restricting access by the AoR. When running a BI Report, we would like to use the AoR settings to limit data view.

      • Mohanraj Krishnamurthy

        Hi Duane,

        We are currently having an issue with OTBI reports not restricting access based on AOR.

        We are facing an issue where OTBI report when run by the USER, is not providing data as per the Area of responsibility assigned to him. AOR assigned has access to US Business Unit however report is just displaying the direct and indirect reports. When user is searching the person under Person management he can see all the record under US Business Unit (as per AOR).  It seems report is not pulling the data based on AOR security is defined.

        It would be great if you can let us know more on how to fix this issue.