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    Aaron Leggett
    Extracting Configuration Options via OBIEE
    Topic posted June 8, 2017 by Aaron LeggettGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Analyses, BI Publisher, Data Models, Fusion, OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Public Sector, Reports, Setup, Setup/Administration, SQL 
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    Extracting Configuration Options via OBIEE

    Hi All

    I've been asked to try and export the configuration options of expenses (Setup and Maintenance > Manage Policies By Expense Category). Now, I can export the expenses into a report easily, but can't seem to grab the configuration options for each individual expense (not sure if it is even possible!). I've attached an image to show what I am trying to export (basically everything on the image, so Rate Definitions, Rate Determinants etc.) If it is possible, how would I go about doing this?