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    OTBI and Self Service Procurement: Documentation
    Topic posted June 21, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 17, 2018, tagged Business Intelligence - BI, FAQ, How-To 
    OTBI and Self Service Procurement: Documentation
    Documentation on Self Service Procurement related OTBI (Business Intelligence) Reporting

    Hi all

    I am sure this will peak interest in many of you. I have received queries including:

    a) Are there any reports that are seeded for our area

    b) What are the job roles and duty roles to implement OTBI in the Requisitions Subject area

    and so on.

    I thought it might be useful for me to put up some documentation that is published by the Oracle OTBI development team here as a reference that answers these questions.

    Let me know with your comments or ratings on whether this is useful.

    The references below covers all products. Use filters to review specific product details related to Self Service Procurement.

    Happy reading


    Summary: R13 SCM and Procurement OTBI subject area Description documentation

    This documentation is published by Oracle OTBI development.  This document provides users a functional understanding of SCM and Procurement subject areas - what they contain, key business questions that can be answered with the analyses built using the subject areas, the primary navigation paths in the application UI that contain information related to specific subject areas, and other useful information.  This document also contains information on the duty and job roles that provide access to each subject area.
    The spreadsheets apply to SCM and Procurement R13.

    • Here is a link to the seeded Procurement reports. Again, filter to the product Self Service Procurement to review the standard reports available within the product.