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    Kim Puls
    Sell Contracts having an issue in Firefox?
    Topic posted February 17, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged User Interface 
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    Sell Contracts having an issue in Firefox?
    Can't remember where to post for Sell Contracts so I'm posting here!

    We advise our clients to use Firefox for pretty much everything relating to Oracle Cloud. Recently we've had some users trying to create a sell contract. They enter the Primary Party name and then might have to change the start date as it defaults in with the date that the contract is created.

    For the individuals that are experiencing this behavior...we had them try Chrome and it worked.

    I don't support the sell contracts that often so you you can also remind me where to find that modules documentation, or where to post on this site...that would be great.

    Thanks - Kim UW



    • Zoë Read

      Hi Kim,

      Not my area of expertise so I'm afraid I cannot help, but are you referring to Enterprise Contracts? If so, this is part of Engagement Cloud, which you will find within the Customer Experience forums. You could try posting your questions there.

      With regards, Zoë