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    Sameer Darbha
    Embedding UI Regions in Web Forms for Process Cloud Service
    Topic posted November 14, 2019 by Sameer DarbhaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Cloud, Integration 
    Embedding UI Regions in Web Forms for Process Cloud Service
    Can we Embed External UI Regions in Web Forms while Developing Processes with Human Tasks in Oracle Process Cloud Service ?


    We are currently using Oracle BPM/ADF for our Custom Business Processes 
    I am analyzing the effort involved to migrate to cloud.

    I was able to do a Proof of Concept using the Oracle Process Cloud Service (Integration Cloud)
    by defining a Process and its related Web Forms for the Human Tasks, but it was a simple process.

    But if our Processes and UI Requirements are Complex with lot of Dependent LOVs and multi Form / Page Data Entry,
    Especially when the Forms span across the whole screen with lot of Tables and Form Fields.
    I am guessing the development in OPCS will be a bit of Challenge when used the Web Form to develop the UI.

    Is it possible to call/embed/include another application/region that is written in the AngularJS, Node.js, or ADF inside the Web Forms ?
    So that all the Complexity of retrieving the Data from Database or Web Service calls can be handled in the included region/application code 
    And only have the Process related logic written in the OPCS ?
    Can we import at least ADF pages as Web Forms ?
    I believe we can import the BPM Processes defined using JDeveloper can be imported to Process Cloud ?

    I believe any medium to big size application using the Process Cloud Service would face this challenge?
    Does anyone have any pointers?

    Thanks for any help