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    Tanmay Yadav
    Notes to buyer is not being passed to the buyer!
    Topic posted July 2, 2019 by Tanmay YadavBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, Create Requisition, Requisition Processing 
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    Notes to buyer is not being passed to the buyer!
    We have enabled notes to buyer at requisition level.In the auto created PO created from the requisition, note to buyer is not there any where


    We have enabled notes to buyer at requisition level.It's widely used for business requesters to pass on the message to Buyers but buyers are not able to see the requisitions anywhere on the auto-created PO created from the requisition.

    We tried recreating the scenario and notes are not available anywhere!!. 






    • Suman Guha

      The note is visible to the buyer in the Process Requisitions page. The purpose of the note is to have special instructions for the buyer assigned to manually process the requisition into a purchase order. 

      • Tanmay Yadav

        Hi Suman,


        Thanks for the reply!

        In our project, requisitioners are using this to pass on messages to buyers and as many of these requisitions are getting automatically processed into PO(BPA controls, the buyers are having tough time looking for it :) 

        I see there is an bug on it and it's approved fr future release. (Bug 5574794 : NOTE TO BUYER ON REQ NOT SHOWING ON PO LINE AFTER AUTOCREATE)

        Any idea in which release it will be available?

        • Suman Guha

          The bug you referenced is for the EBS product line.

          Is your issue related to Oracle Cloud Procurement?

          • Tanmay Yadav

            Yes, our issue is related to cloud. We are on 19 B currently.

            • Suman Guha

              This isn't planned. Feel free to enter an idea in Purchasing Ideas Lab. BTW, your use case as stated is not making sense to me. Am not understanding how instructions to buyer would be meaningful when purchase orders are going out without buyer intervention.

      • Caio Zioli

        Hi Suman, please, where on process requisitions page is located the note to buyer ?


        • Suman Guha

          Sure. You can get to the notes by clicking on the Notes Icon that appear beside the line number when notes exist.

    • Suman Guha

      Moved from Self Service Procurement forum.

    • Piyush Bihany


      As a workaround, requester can add a text attachment for category To buyer at each requisition line, and the same get attached to the PO lines and are available to the buyer on PO.


      • Piyush Bihany

        Attachment from Requisition line appears on PO line

        • Nitin Katare

          Since we are talking about solutions, using of a DFF (on the Requisition) and having it copied over to the PO can also work (based on profile options to DFF copy set to yes)

          Although, the question posed by Suman earlier still stands.